Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Oh how I love WATER!!

Last week I got to spend three days on Lake Powell in Utah on a houseboat. It is a beautiful place with lots of rock structures. I got to enjoy two absolutely beautiful sunrises and got to swim in water for hours at a time. I also tried to water ski. It was not pretty, but I did get standing a couple of times. It is humbling not to be able to do something when you try. I met a couple really neat couples. One couple was a retired National Guard Sargeant who is now living out his hippy days :) He has a long beard and long hair and is on a crash course of learning to be chill and play with all the toys (fishing, guitar, etc.) that he has accumulated over the years. His wife is a geologist for the National Guard and a hip fifty something lady. The other couple was a classmate of my mother's and a former student of my Grandmother (weird) but he had probably 6-10 fishing poles on his boat and enjoying the heck out of getting to fish at anytime, anywhere and his wife had a really quick sense of humor so we spend a lot of the time laughing and enjoying good food. Now I am back and working. I can't even begin to express how thankful I am to have the job I have right now that allows me to have time to go on these little adventures and enjoy God's creation.


Jaime said...

so fun! you are doing some extra random adventures out there. i love to hear that you are loving it... miss you.

EY said...

i'm so jealous!! glad you're enjoying yourself. i enjoy water too...i had the beach a few weeks ago...but lately it's just been the bathtub..but that is always a highlight despite there is no sand or sun.