Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tough Week

So, I just got a trailer full of stuff from my dad. It included all of the antiques that we grew up with and other miscellaneous items like our old toys, books from childhood, etc. I also had to move my stuff that doesn't fit in my grandmother's house (which is almost everything) b/c my stuff was taking up too much space where it was. This experience has been one of the most frustrating times thus far in my life for a number of reasons. Reason #1: I should not be responsible for this stuff yet. I want the stuff but the timing is way off. Divorce SUCKS!! Reason #2: Both my parents don't want the stuff but still feel obligated to tell me what I need to do with it. I think that when you give stuff up that you negate the right to have an opinion about it. Reason #3: I had to get friends of ours to help me to get the stuff up here and to unload b/c my dad was too busy. I HATE having to get other people involved in my problems and this was one problem that I could do nothing about. All the stuff was too big for me to move around. Reason #4: My grandmother has a house full of crap and won't get rid of anything, but yet I had to move my stuff again so that she could get to boxes that are full of junk that she hasn't even thought about in probably 15 years and then she acts concerned about my stuff. AHHHH!!!! Then she couldn't understand why I was frustrated and wouldn't quit bugging me. To say the least we had a meeting of the minds. Reason #5: I have all of this stuff that I would love to be able to use and I have no where to go with it. I am having to store everything and that bugs me (for reasons that I have yet to sort out).

But on a lighter note: I had three friends tell me that they are expecting new additions to their families. Yeah!! Another baby boom! I am seriously getting way behind in the maturity transitions. I seem to be stuck in the out of college transition. Now I am getting worried that I have been single for so long that I won't be able to make the transition to anything else. I am sure glad that the Lord is patient and loves me without conditions b/c at times I am a tough case :)

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