Monday, August 29, 2011

15 and 16 months

Practicing my duck calls

Family pic before we head to our friend's wedding

Playing in the pool for the first time

Having some sprinkler fun

Just being cute

First time in a big pool and it was freezing

Wrapped up in Grandma's towel to warm up

Having fun at the Rockies game

Tired and wanting to run around at the Rockies game (ps Rusty has a mouth full of sunflower seeds.  He has not been beat up)

Mom found me in my chair reading to myself

The last two months have flown by.  Thankfully JT found my camera so that I could download these pictures.  He is growing and just mastering more things.  His favorite thing at this time is climbing on stuff and doing stunts.  He has already attempted trick riding on the rocking horse (can anyone say Rusty's son :))  He is starting to say more words.  He will say truck, milk, water, and bottle.  He will also pant and woof when he sees dogs.  He has been spending more time with Rusty's parents preparing him to be away from Mom and Dad when the baby comes and has done a couple of overnights.  He had another MRI done on his back on 8/19.  The results were not what we had hoped for.  It does look like his little birthmark has tethered to his spine and looks like there will be a surgery in our future but not anytime soon.  We are hoping to get all the doctors bill paid off from the birth and MRI before we accrue anymore.   I have five more weeks before our little girl makes her appearance.  I am hoping that she comes early but not too early.  Rusty is over half way in his school and was put in the Honor Society by his school b/c he is doing so well.  Blake started back to school as a big 2nd grader and will be turning 8 next month.  Time really does fly.