Thursday, March 24, 2011

10 and 11 months

Enjoying my walker

Walking in my walker

Now walking my walker

Mom, here I come

Mom, I really want the camera, please!!!

Becoming very proficient at feeding myself

My favorite thing is to play with my spoon and bowl and drum

Sorry for the delayed updates on pictures.  I realized that the reason for my lack of energy and focus was due to another little baby growing in my tummy.  That is right JT is going to be a big brother but not that much bigger, only about 18 months bigger.  We are excited and he will never know the difference:)  He is busy as ever.  He loves walking things around like the desk chair, his walker, and his toy he got for Christmas.  He loves all food.  We haven't found anything yet that he won't eat especially if mom is trying to eat it.  At daycare, he has started making car noises and siren noises when he is playing with them.  He loves to laugh at the other kids and they laugh at him about as much.  He has started to be more cuddly and when he hugs you he will pat your back.  Very sweet!  I can't believe in a few short weeks he will be one year old.  Time flies when you have kids that is all I have to say.  I think when the next one comes I might feel that I am in a timewarp.