Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hunting for mushrooms

So this weekend, I did some stuff I had never done. First, I helped butcher and dress chickens. I helped get the feathers off and get them ready to freeze. I learned how to cut them up in proper parts. I know that is sounds gross and it did smell at times, but I don't get freaked out by that kind of stuff and I like learning how to do it like they did "in the old days". Second, I went hunting for the King Boletus mushroom. The most sought after mushroom in the world. It is huge and it is edible. So we went tromping through the woods about an hour and half away from my house for these mushrooms. We found some. I had no idea that there were so many differnt kinds of mushrooms. There are mushrooms that look like coral. WEIRD!! Anyway, I pulled off some recipes from the internet and cooked up my wild mushrooms. It was a great time, but not something one thinks to do on a Sunday morning :)

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