Friday, May 15, 2009

I Love the Spring, but I love Summer more

Well, with the warmer weather and the green goodness that is on the trees and ground has brought breakthroughs in our life and is a constant reminder that the Lord brings new things and is always good. I finally got all my paperwork to go through and have obtained my counseling license. It was quite a process and feels like more of an accomplishment than I thought it would be. So I am officially a Licensed Professional Counselor. All it means for me is a pay raise, more job obligations and greater opportunity in the future. Rusty has started working for a local ranch full-time. That is a huge blessing. He is loving getting to cowboy and get paid for it. He got a horse and he just ordered his own saddle. The boy is in heaven :) Also, we got to take a trip to visit my aunt and uncle in Cresent City, CA. We took my grandma to be with them to celebrate their 30 wedding aniversary. It was great to see different county and to get out of dodge for a while. The highlight was seeing a seal in the ocean, the Redwood trees, and my uncle playing his autoharp in his Boondock Band. I realized that this is one of the first trips that I have taken that I was really ready to come home. Usually I just want to stay where I am. It was a nice feeling to feel like home was a place I wanted to come back to. Things we are looking foward to are: getting together with my family the first weekend of June in Durango, my sister coming to stay with my local grandma for a few weeks and having her for a good chunk of time, and of course any outside activities we can squeeze in.