Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter 2012

Had to document how cute the kids looked in their Easter clothes.  JT was a big hit.  So thank you to whomever we inherited this outfit from.  Unfortunately I couldn't get a better picture of both children but JT is a pill when it comes to pictures these days.

Anna 3-6 months

Anna is now six months old.  She loves to smile at people and giggle.  She Loves jumping in her jumper and as you can see will jump herself to sleep.  We have started attempting to eat food and the jury is still out if she likes it or not.  She is growing at mock speeds which translates into eating a lot during the night.  She is trying to figure out how to get her knees underneath her to get moving.  She is presious and her brother thinks she is "cute".  We have no teeth even though there is a lot of knawing on things and slobber.  We are currently practicing the whole sitting up thing but her toes are much more enticing to chew on  rather than stay sitting up.

JT 21-24 months

JT is getting big fast and celebrated his second birthday over the weekend (pictures to come).  As you can see he wants to be right in front of the camera or taking the picture so it has been hard getting him in action.  He is just becoming a little boy and talking more and more.  He has discovered the word "mine" and "no,no, no".  He loves cars, balls, and all things outdoors.  The only time he is not moving is when he is sleeping as seen above.