Friday, March 16, 2007

How quickly things can change...

Well, in the last month things have definitely taken a turn. Thankfully I can say that they are all very good turns. I am just amazed at how quickly life can change and switch directions. You spend so much time thinking things are never going to change and then voila! things change. I think one can only appreciate the amazingness of this when you contemplate the amazingness of God and how intimately and intricately He is involved in each individual life.

The first turn that has happened is that God brought a man into my life. Talk about shift in thinking. It is a new relationship, but the more we are together the more we want to be together and so I am feeling pretty darn good about it. That in and of itself is amazing. This relationship is not stressful. It isn't hard work. We just enjoy each other. I am almost worried b/c it is too easy. Silly :)

The second interesting turn is that I met my "boyfriend" b/c he is my supervisor's son at work. Minor complication. So b/c of that and b/c we are getting more serious I have applied for another position at my job. This job would be a normal schedule with the perks of paid holidays and paid vacation. It would include me doing more intensive clinic work with clients as well as doing intakes for people that are wanting mental health services. What is funny about this is that this position is perfect for me, but I would have never applied for it if God hadn't brought someone new into my life. His plan is perfect and his timing is perfect and I hope that I am continually amazed by how personal he is and how close he is.

That is the latest. FYI the weather has been BEAUTIFUL and I am ecstatic!