Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Not much happening

I have to say that there has not been much happening as of late. Rusty is still working out on the ranch and yet to get paid for anything. He has his up and downs with regards to that. He is really trying to start a business with his friend training horses for people. I am still working on getting my licensure stuff through the system so that I can get a raise. So that is the financial end. Still struggling :( Some highlights from the last month have been that we got to see some relatives from my side that I had never met and had a really good visit with them. We are looking forward to next month taking my grandma to Northern California for my aunt and uncles anniversary. They are planning to renew their vows. It should be a beautiful drive and nice to get away for a bit. We are very thankful for Spring but it feels like Winter currently. It snowed yesterday. I hope that the cold goes away soon! Anyway, that is all for know.