Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Baby is One Year Old!!!

Fist birthday cake before


And the aftermath

Getting ready for his party at Rusty's parent's house

Opening b-day presents

Much less interested in this cake then the last one

My first attempt at making the birthday cake

Taking a cruise in my new car

Driving along in my automobile :)

Well my baby in now one year old.  He enjoyed his first birthday cake on his birthday.  The next day though he got the flu and so did not get to enjoy his other birthday cake.  He is not walking yet but likes to walk things and prefers to climb up on things rather than sit around.  He is saying "uh-oh" and makes siren noises when he is playing with a police car at daycare.  He is perfecting his fit throwing (not so impressive) but at least is responding to no (rather than smiling and continuing to do what he is not supposed to).  He continues to be a delight and a great baby.  He has graduated to sleeping in his crib upstairs for most of the night.  He is a good eater and wants to eat whatever mom is.  Now that he is one there is a whole new world of foods he is going to get to try.  He is now 30 inches long and weighs around 19 pounds.  He is tall and slendor.  It seems that he inherited that from both his grandpas b/c neither Rusty nor I are slendor :)  We are looking forward to more birthdays to come and watching him grow.  Next week we are going to get to find out what the sex of his new sibling will be.  I am pretty excited to find out.  I will keep you posted.