Thursday, January 05, 2012

Family Pics

The boys

Four generations

This was my attempt at trying to get everyone in a picture together.  It did not work out quite like I had wanted but it is better than nothing.  At least we have the kids in Christmasy clothes since I didn't get to have them wear them at Christmas.  We had a huge malfunction in planning which resulted in me and the younger two missing Christmas Eve service and getting stranded at my in-laws until Rusty could come pick us up.  We had a good Christmas with both sides of the family.  We did absolutely nothing to celebrate the new year other than watch New York festivities and the Rose Parade.  I couldn't have been happier.  I have to say that I was not sorry to see 2011 go and for 2012 to start.  2011 was a year of financial struggle like no other year, Rusty being in school, wrecking the van and have various other vehicles die on us, Rusty's sister and family moving to Texas, and Rusty's grandfather passing away right before Christmas.  Our hopes for the new year is for Rusty to graduate and find a wonderful job, get our debt paid down, and be able to travel and see people again.  The things that I am thankful for always no matter what the year is like is my wonderful husband, children, and family.  That we have a roof over our head and food to eat.  We have a church family that supports us and we have a God that loves us more than we can ever begin to grasp.  Happy New Year everybody. 

JT 19-20 months

Go Broncos

Wearing brothers camo coat

Pic with brother

Christmas 2011

Flying his airplane

He loves balls

The neat toy from Grandma Karen

Loves playing with his brother

Playing in the laundry basket that he emptied in his room

Notice the turned up carpet (the underside is much more fun to play on)

JT is going on 21 months now.  He is talking more and more.  His cutest is saying please.  He is exerting his independence which translates into major meltdowns.  I just can't believe that he would be stubborn (wink, wink).  He loves his big brother and his baby sister.  The other cute word that he says is baby.  He loves to give her loves and kisses.  Unfortunately he is much too quick to get a picture of it and won't do it when it is staged :)

Anna 2-3 months

With Brother Blake

Only way to have a picture with the two youngest

Wearing my cute jacket and baret

Tummy time

Presents from Santa- Christmas 2011

Smile at Christmas

Daddy making me laugh

Me and Great Grandma

A shout out to my aunties

Little miss Anna is 3 months old now.  She is growing fast, fast, fast.  She is already into her 3-6 months clothes.  She is a smiley, happy baby.  She will even giggle some.  She is cooing and making lots of sounds now.  She is a glorious sleeper and is sleeping through the night.  She is mellow and goes with the flow.  She enjoys watching her brothers play.