Friday, February 23, 2007

It's snowing, again!

We have had a week of really nice weather and today it started snowing. I am instantly disheartened. I want it to get warm so bad! I keep reminding myself everyday that the days are only getting longer and are only going to get warmer (sort of).

I did get to enjoy the winter weather a few weeks ago. A friend from Germany came and spent the week with me. We spent four days skiing the slopes at three different ski resorts. We went to two different natural hot springs and took two snow shoeing expeditions. We had a great time enjoying God's creation and each others company. She is one that just enjoys every little detail of life and takes tons of pictures. We drove probably seven hundred miles in five days in just Western Colorado. It was great!

Please forgive me for the randomness, but lately I have been contemplating the season of Lent and why we celebrate it and how it is celebrated. It has been very interesting. I have been contemplating how I can celebrate this season. It is a season that symbolizes so many things. It symbolizes Jesus' journey to the cross and the celebration of his life and the overcoming of sin. It is a season of reflection to recognize how our own sin instigated that journey and how we are on that journey ourselves. It is a season of renewal, recognizing the new life that we have, seeing spring in our own spirits were there is new growth showing after a season of winter. It is a season of refocusing of what is important and kind of doing spring cleaning in our hearts, minds, and spirits. I had never really put much thought into this tradition and season until this year, but now that I have I am again reminded of the amazing love of our Father, the incredible sacrifice of Jesus, and the amazing gift of the Holy Spirit. I have of late really been reconciling myself to my own weakness and vulnerability. My own humanness scares me. But God, is my strength. He defends me. He protects me. He is dependable and trustworthy.

I pray that all of us in this time of reflecting on the journey of Jesus to the cross are further reconciled to who we are and who God is and who we are in Him.

Love to all,