Friday, August 04, 2006

Good week of randomness

Well this last week has been good, but random. I started out by going to my dad's b/c my aunt and uncle were visiting from Pennsylvania. My grandpa came up from Arizona. On Friday, I got to go horseback riding and flyfishing with my dad and uncle and some really neat teenage girls. They were so refreshing and gave me hope for the future generation. It was great, I practiced my flyfishing technique, I finally got to where I could get the line out in the river and not get snaged. It was a major feet :) I got to ride horses, which I LOVE and I got to just sit out in God's beauty and be amazed. Doesn't get much better than that! Then the next day, I got to just hang out with my grandpa, just the two of us and hear stories. It was great. Then Sunday, my grandpa celebrated his 88 birthday. YIKES! We had friends come over and had hamburgers. I made a cake and made homemade icing. It turned out great! It was the first b-day cake my grandpa had had in 50 years. So needless to say he was super blessed and I had a great time.

Next, I drove to see Becky in the Springs and that was good to see her and her new apartment and spend some more time getting to know her boyfriend. I got to spend some time with college friends, both married and one just had a baby in June (so cute!). Then I headed up to Denver to see my second parents, who had just gotten back from a month in Europe (so jealous).

Anyway, here are the really random things. First, I got to talk with one of my best friends from High School, who found me from my blog. CRAZY! I hadn't talked with her in probably 7 or 8 years. It was great catching up. Second, my "second parents" went to a conference in Norway (For Iranian Christians) and met this guy. He is a Dentist in Sweden. Anyway, they were talking and a lot of the men over there made the comment that the Iranian women in Europe were only concerned with how much money they made and what they could buy them. Cathy and Bahram proceeded to tell them about me and how that was not the case. Well, this gentleman wanted to meet me and so Cathy called me and told me about him and gave me his email address. So know I am corresponding with a 38 year old Iranian Dentist, who lives in Sweden. Now, you can't get much more random than that.

Oh, how life is funny and I mean both haha and weird!

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Jaime said...

so fun! i love the randomness of life. thanks for calling me the other day; let's talk soon! enjoy your day.