Thursday, September 14, 2006

New Adventures

Well it is afficial, my dad is moving down to Arizona. I helped him move some of his stuff this weekend. I can't believe it, but it had been fifteen years since I had been to my Grandpa's house in Arizona. YIKES!! I stayed with my Grandpa and a friend from Germany that was visiting for a few days. We had a good time.

Highlights: talking with Suzanne, frying fish and making coleslaw, German beer (so good), looking at pictures, laughing, listening to my Grandpa's generations music, rock hunting in the middle of nowhere and getting a flat tire, Suzanne and I taking a run around St. Johns, flying home with Suzanne as the pilot and Grandpa as copilot, eating breakfast at Starvin' Arvins with Grandpa, Suzanne, Dad, and Norma (stepdaughter of Grandpa's) and savering syrup drenched pancakes, taking Suzanne to hog farm and picking green beans, watching them take off from the airport and knowing that they know that I love them dearly.

So know, I am planning at trip for next October to visit Suzanne in Germany and celebrate Oktoberfest. I am excited!!!! Also am contemplating getting my pilot's license. It would make it much easier to visit all the people that I love. I don't know, but it is an idea :)

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