Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Anna's story

We welcomed Anna Lynn Ickes into the world Sept. 28, 2011.  Her birth story is much different than her brother's.  We thought that we were going to have her much earlier b/c I was dialated to three by 37 weeks but she kept hanging on and at around 38 weeks I was dialated to four almost five.  So we decided to induce me that next week on the 28th.  We get everything situated and head to Grand Junction to the hospital to get things started but on the way there I start noticing little contractions but I had had those before.  So we get all checked in and they put me on the monitor and I was actually having fairly consistant contraction.  Then my midwife came and she checked me and I was dialated to almost six and so by the grace of God I did not have to get induced.  So we let things progress until noon and my midwife came back to check on me and broke my water.  I was almost to an eight at that time without having serious contractions.  Well after my water was broke things kicked into gear and my contractions started getting more intense and around three hours later and four pushes little Anna came into this world at 8 pounds 3 ounces and 20 inches.  It was the perfect birth in my opinion.  I didn't need any interventions except to break my water and no medications were used.  This was a far cry from 30 hours of labor and three hours of pushing for JT with a DNC added on at the end. I firmly believe that going to the chiropractor throughout this pregnancy made a huge difference and chasing a toddler kept me in shape.  My wonderful husband and my doula were fantastic support.  My mom and dad were able to be at the hospital with me.  Rusty's parents had JT duty and he faired well.  That was the longest we had ever been away from him and that was hard.  I think harder on us than on him.  He was pretty oblivious to the whole process.  It took a couple of weeks before he realized that there was another person in the house.  He now likes to pat her on the head and give her loves.  He also likes to point out her eyes, nose, and mouth which translates into his finger in her eye, nose and mouth :)  I would definately agree with those that say that going from one to two is a big transition and challenging when they both are so little but I love them both and think that they are wonderful.

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