Wednesday, January 19, 2011

9 months old

It is hard to believe that he is nine months old.  As you can see, we are sitting pretty darn good.  We are busy crawling everywhere but still find it easier to be on our elbows rather than our hands.  He has just started pulling up on things and has figured out how to get his feet under him.  Just this morning, we had our first significant wreck from pulling up.  I have a feeling there is much of that to come.  He is saying Dada and Moma more consistantly.  We have the first signs of teeth trying to come through but on the top.  My mom is convinced this is a sign of him being left handed b/c it is backwards :)  He continues to be a happy, easy going little boy with a smile that melts your heart. His trick now is when you say no he turns and smiles.  All his dad can do is smile back, pick him up and give him a big kiss.  Can we say softey ;)  He continues to be a good eater and likes his veggies and fruit.

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