Monday, December 20, 2010

December 2010

Blake and JT with Santa and Mrs. Claus...JT was more interested in her necklace than anything

JT at his first Christmas party

Mom is mean and made me eat my own food rather than the good stuff

Jumping on grandma's lap (therefore the blurriness)

Checking out Santa at the party

"I am not too sure about this dude, hurry dad"

Papa sitting on Santa's lap...Silly Grandpa

Investigating what the other kids are doing

I am 8 months old

Well he has aquired some new skills in the last month.  He is now crawling but only on his elbows and knees.  His arms are too long to crawl on his hands.  He is busy and all over.  He loves playing with all the toys at daycare and the kids love playing with him.  He is sitting by himself for longer periods of time and has good control when he falls over.  He is waving periodically.  His best skill at this point is that he is saying "mama".  He expecially likes to say it when he is upset and makes whatever is upsetting him that much more dramatic and of course Mama can't resist coming to the rescue.  He continues to get longer and we are having some challenges finding pant long enough and sleeves long enough.  I think this is what I have to look forward to forever :) 

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Tiffany said...

Oh he is so darling! What a littel heartbreaker you have on your hands. And I had to laugh at the "mean mom made me eat my own food" photo. We have done that a few times, and gotten the exact same look.