Friday, September 24, 2010

Thankful Friday

Since this week has been slighly hectic...I am a day today I am thankful for...

1) JT having insurace and the health care bill that has made it so babies cannot be denied insurance for pre-existing conditions...this should be prefised with JT has to get an MRI on Oct. 5 due to have a hemangioma (mass) on his back that could be potentially attached to his spine canal which could cause issues with lower body movement, so we have to see with the MRI if it is attached and if so he will need surgery to get it removed...

2)God's provision that resulted in a happy b-day party for Blake (he is 7 now, CRAZY)

3)Made it through a stressful week at work and a co-worker who helped me get caught up...go teamwork

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