Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Five Months

Getting big
Sporting the outfit that Grandpa got him
Hanging with dad

Our boy is five months old.  We had our well baby check up and he is 14 pounds and 27 inches long (98th percentile in heighth).  He is rolling over both ways and just a happy boy.  He has started giggling more and loves to face out and watch the world.  He has become facinated with our cat and will follow her with a watchful gaze trying to figure out that creature is.  We made it through our first cold together.  We both got pretty moucusy and he did not appreciate mom sucking his boogers out.  He got pretty good at avoidance techniques.  He continues to sleep through the night.  We are so thankful for our boy.  He is a precious gift to us.

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