Friday, December 04, 2009

Half way

I just had my 20 week check up. I am officially half way with the pregnancy and have started feeling the little man kick and he is active. We got to have the ultrasound tech train on us with the 3-D ultrasound pictures and the little guy likes to keep his hands around his face. On one of them he had his little finger on his lip like he was thinking. We also got to see him moving his jaw like he was eating. It was very cute. Everything is going great and I am feeling really good. I was having trouble with my back but a few weeks of physical therapy helped that a ton.

On the homefront, Rusty is officially back on unemployment and searching for a job while working as many odd jobs as he can get. We are starting to have a pattern of unemployment starting in December...not the best timing :( We are hopeful and trusting that God will provide. We have our house all decorated and got to have outside lights, which made Rusty very excited. He is going to be riding his horse in the parade on Saturday and I am in a quandry of whether I want to ride on his float or watch the parade. All I know is that it is going to be cold and possibly snowy. We have a wedding coming up for a good friend and family functions. Not looking forward too much to the family functions b/c had a little altercation with one of Rusty's cousins. Well really it was her yelling at me and me trying to defuse the situation. But needless to say it has made things awkward and trying to limit my contact if possible. That is about it for right now. Happy Christmas!!!!

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