Thursday, November 19, 2009


Praise the Lord. We got the results back from the amnio and everything looks normal with no evidence of abnormalities. We also got the results that the baby is for sure a boy. We are totally stoked. We met with a doula last night that we really liked and I am glad to have that added support throughout the pregnancy to make sure that I am doing everything to keep the baby healthy and me healthy and to have a healthy delivery. Rusty told Blake about the baby last weekend and he was pretty ambivolent about it. He thought that being an older brother wouldn't be too bad but when Rusty said that he could be an older brother like his, he told Rusty that "sometimes my brothers are mean". It is so funny how kids brains work.

Also, Rusty might have a lead on a job. He met with a guy from Colorado Workforce yesterday and got his resume and cover letter sent to him last night. We are hopeful that this might lead to something but one can never tell. All we know is that Rusty is getting fewer and fewer paid days at his current job. This time has been a good lesson in how to live day by day and appreciate that our needs are met for the day.

Thank you for the prayers and I will keep you posted.

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