Friday, August 07, 2009

Its a mystery

Can someone explain to me why there are periods of time where your money doesn't last like it used to? I swear that things are more tight right now than when Rusty was unemployed. Now how is that possible!? Anyway God is Good. He knows what he is doing. This last week we have had Blake. We have had fun playing with other kids, going to the park, and other stuff. We partook of the Olathe Sweet Corn festival and Clint Black in concert. It was very good (if you like country music). Last night our homegroup went to our pastor's home and helped him with his home renouvations. I painted with some other people while the other put down laminate flooring. It was a good time of fellowship and serving. Thankfully nothing is planned for this weekend so we all can catch up on sleep from this week :) We have decided that any shyness that Blake had has disappeared. He is the chattiest boy that I have seen and is so excited by the little things. I really am enjoying this age and can't believe that he is starting kindergarden in a few weeks. I am excited for him however. The next event coming up is going to Denver to see mom and go to the Rockies game with the whole family. Should be a good time! Later...

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