Monday, May 29, 2006

I made it!

Well after much packing, sorting, loading, and stressing, I made it back to Colorado in one piece with all my stuff. It was an interesting trip in a number of ways. First, the moving truck had two bucket seats and there were three of us that needed to ride in the truck. So we bought a little cooler and put three pillow on it. It was hard on the backside but it worked. Of course my mom insisted on sitting on it so that she could sit next to her man. I swear to you that she is worse than a middle school girl in love :) Second, during the trip through Kansas we hit over forty mile/hour wind and of course I am driving. To make matters worse, Al wakes up and wants me to stop in the middle of the worst of it. With exhaution and stress mixed together, I stopped thinking diplomatically and told them I would rather not stop and kept going. OOPS! Not the thing to do with a Hispanic male that easily gets his pride hurt. So the remainder of the trip and the next morning I get the silent treatment and am completely ignored. To make it worse, he isn't acknowledging my mom either. So after apologizing twice, he finally decides that I exist again. Talk about stress that I didn't need. I just kept asking myself why didn't I just stop. The answer is still not clear even to me, but I think a lot of it has to do with trust issues.

Thankfully, the second day of travel, I was in my mom's car alone. It was a good thing because I was grumpy! We got to my grandma's safe and sound and yesterday after a minor hickup we unloaded my stuff and now the challenge is to figure out how to return the stupid truck. The truck needs to be returned by tomorrow by 10 AM. I also have an interview at 10 AM tomorrow and of course my mom and Al and my grandma left today for a little vacation in New Mexico. So needless to say the adventure continues...

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Anonymous said...

can't complain....home sweet home. i'm glad you're blogging. :)