Friday, June 22, 2012

Update on the kiddos

sitting all by herself in all her cuteness (7 months)

Loves any kind of ball

Playing in his new sandbox

Where did it go?

8 months

My growly face

First four-wheeler ride (loved it)

Wearing his helmet to ride with his dad

Riding bikes with his dad (aka bike trailer)


Being very proud of herself for being mobile


Wondering why mom is taking so many pictures :)

Time is flying.  Anna will be nine months next week.  She is crawling, climbing, and sitting steady.  She has one lonely tooth on the front bottom and I am sure more are going to pop through anytime.  She is a curious little thing and likes to be on the move.  J.T. is having a hard time with her getting into his things but he is managing.  J.T. is talking up a storm and impresses me almost daily with a new word or phrase.  He loves, loves, loves being outside playing and running.  His new favorite thing is running the bases after his brother's baseball games.  He also loves riding in the bike trailer with his father.  They go to church that way fairly often.  Rusty is busy with Blake being an assistant coach for baseball, running an archery ministry for youth at the church, and cub scouts.  He determined that he will have a life again when he is 49 years old :)  We are enjoying them immensely.

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