Wednesday, June 15, 2011

13 and 14 months

13 months old (trying to type on the computer)

I love my baths

Easter 2010- digging into my Easter basket

This is how I drive my cars (add car noises)

I got a hold of a roll of papertowel (damage done in about 5 minutes)

Family trip to the Denver Zoo (first time for JT, Blake and Rusty)

First haircut (unsure of what I think about this)

Decided that I was having a good time

14 months old

Avoiding walking for mommy and knowing I am cute

I realized that I have been neglecting my duties and gotten behind.  Much has happened in the last several months.  The big milestones that we are excited to announce is that J.T. started walking on June 10th.  He of course started walking at daycare and does it sparingly at home.  He would much rather have mommy's finger and have her walk with him :)   He can say kitty and has siren noises perfected.  He will wave by-bye to his daddy and say by-by dad (well kind of).  He has started clapping and saying yay and blowing kisses.  He is also perfecting having fits (which his mother is not thrilled about).  He is not afraid to let you know when he is displeased with something.  He also is perfecting the "my heart is broken b/c you told me no" look and cry loudly.  In the last two months, he had to change daycares and that was sad but he seems to be adjusting well.  He has gone through periods of only wanting mommy and here lately has had periods when he only wanted daddy (which was really cute and made Rusty feel like a million dollars).  The end of May, we got to go to Denver and see my mom and go to the Denver Zoo and also attend a wedding of old friends from my hometown.  Both boys did great traveling.  Also in May, we got to go to Durango for a short visit but unfortunately I did not take any pictures of that excursion.  Other news, is that Rusty had a close call.  He was driving home from Grand Junction late and fell asleep at the wheel.  He rolled the van twice and was so fortunate to not even have a scratch or bruise on him.  The police officer said that if he hadn't had his seatbelt on that he would most likely have been killed b/c the passenger side door came open.  So needless to say the van is totaled but that is really immaterial compared to the alternative.  We were fortunate to buy a little commuter car from a co-worker of my mine that Rusty is really enjoying b/c it has a bike rack on the top.  We are also trying to get my little Ford Focus up and running again so that we can park the Bronco and save on some gas.  We are enjoying the summer season.  Blake is doing coach pitch softball and also started in Cub Scouts.  So he and Rusty are getting to spend more time together and enjoying themselves.  I am enjoying having my mom here for the summer and hanging out with her when we can.  Anna is growing bigger and bigger.  We got results from the amniocentesis and everything looks good.  She does have the balanced translocation like I do but that only means she might have some difficulty with miscarriages when she gets older like her mommy.  I am at 24 weeks and this pregnancy seems to be going quicker and I am feeling really good.  I think that is the long and the short of what is going on up to know.

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