Monday, July 19, 2010

Three months old

My little man is three months old now.  We took our first road trip over the weekend and he did awesome.  He slept through the night both nights until 7 AM.  He just went with the flow and took good naps.  He still does not like being in his car seat in the car and we had to get creative getting over the mountain passes to get to Durango and back home.  He got to meet some of our close family friends and meet all of their children.  I was a good time b/c my mom came with us and met my sister and her boyfriend there.  So really it was like a mini family reunion in a place we all have fond memories of.  It went way too fast and of course we didn't get to see everyone that we had wanted but all in all it was a successful trip and JT was a hit :)

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