Thursday, July 06, 2006

Finally settling in

Well, I finally got my bed put together and some of my stuff actually organized. I had procrastinated for almost a month b/c it was all just too overwhelming. My grandmother's house is filled to the brim with crap (she is a depression baby) so therefore I have no where to go with mine :)

I don't know if you all struggle with this, but I find that when there is so much to do and you don't know where to start that you just don't do anything. Why is it that when we get overwhelmed that we become so tired and lazy which only make the problem worse? It is so much better to just carve out little chunks of time and do what you can and pretty soon it is done and you can go to the next project. It is not so hard, but the mind can play tricks in more ways than one.

I have none of my nicknacks unpacked and all the walls are still bare, which is very unusual for me. This is the most elongated transition that I have ever had but taking it little by little is helping my sanity and allowed me to get some good fiction read. You know it is all about priorities :)


EY said...

I hear house is a wreck..and I've been settled for a year now.... it's about daily discipline to tackle a little at a time..but my life tends to run in extremes... (sigh)...there is hope and hopefully i can see the end of the endless physical and metaphysical piles. good to hear from you. hey...send me your snail mail addy..i'm attempting to resurrect that artform. we'll see how it goes.

Timber said...

Laura. I've finally found you!! Oh, I am so excited. How are you? What have you been doing?

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