Monday, November 19, 2012

Fall 2012

The Birthday Girl-numero uno

In her birthday dress.  Can you tell she has a brother?

munchin' on her cheerios

Verry happy sitting on the computer keyboard

Sweet girl

Lovin' the pumpkin patch

Being cuddly with daddy


The kids at the pumpkin patch.  J.T. HATES possing for pictures :)

First time in the corn maze.  Nap time!!

Blake and Dad navigating

J.T. smiling for the camera rather than crying

Up to no good :)

Blake and J.T. hiding


Cute sporting the beenie

My long boy


The many faces of J.T.

Blake trying to hurd kids (like hurding cats)

Currently J.T. is 2 1/2 and Anna is almost 14 months old.  They are both very busy and almost playing together.  Anna is trying to run and it is pretty cute.  She is trying to talk more saying what sounds like mama and dad.  We have both children sleeping all night in their own beds and we are not having to get up with them during the night.  They do wake up sometimes but they put themselves back to sleep in a few minutes.  It is a miracle!!!  I had to go to a training in Denver and was away for two nights.  Rusty did fantastic and so did the kids.  I talked with J.T. on the phone and he sounded so grown-up.  But I do think that I am appreciated by my husband a little bit more after that :)  We are looking forward to having Thanksgiving at my grandma's house with my mom, my sister, my dad, and Rusty's parents.  It will be nice to have everyone together and not have to be going all over.  We are still struggling to get back on our feet financially and things are tighter more than ever but in all things there is always things to be thankful for.  I did realize that I am going to have to be extra creative with Christmas (I don't necessarily feel like I have the brain capacity for that) so we will see.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Growing like weeds

This is what she does know when I try to take a picture...makes it a little difficult :)

He has gotten a hair cut finally and looks less like he should be from Cali

Tall and slim (does not take after his mother)

Sporting her bathing suit she got from her Aunt Ashley before our first swim

The cute faces

Riding with Daddy in the bike trailer

Well the baby is 10 months old now.  She is standing on her own and took a few steps over the weekend.  It is only a matter of time before she is off and running.  She has one more tooth on the bottom.  She has quite the little personality and lets her feelings known in no uncertain terms. She already gets enjoyment out of harrassing her brother.  J.T. has realized that he can boss and so we are hearing "No Baby Anna" quite frequently.  It is fairly traumatizing for him to have to share.  We did out annual treck to Denver for the Rockies game a few weeks ago.  I decided that having two small children in a hotel room is another definition for torture.  We survived and it will only get better from here.  J.T. continues to get taller but not wider.  He is learning to express his opinions but also finding that his opinions may result in some time alone with himself.  Overall, I enjoy the heck out of them and they are fun.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Update on the kiddos

sitting all by herself in all her cuteness (7 months)

Loves any kind of ball

Playing in his new sandbox

Where did it go?

8 months

My growly face

First four-wheeler ride (loved it)

Wearing his helmet to ride with his dad

Riding bikes with his dad (aka bike trailer)


Being very proud of herself for being mobile


Wondering why mom is taking so many pictures :)

Time is flying.  Anna will be nine months next week.  She is crawling, climbing, and sitting steady.  She has one lonely tooth on the front bottom and I am sure more are going to pop through anytime.  She is a curious little thing and likes to be on the move.  J.T. is having a hard time with her getting into his things but he is managing.  J.T. is talking up a storm and impresses me almost daily with a new word or phrase.  He loves, loves, loves being outside playing and running.  His new favorite thing is running the bases after his brother's baseball games.  He also loves riding in the bike trailer with his father.  They go to church that way fairly often.  Rusty is busy with Blake being an assistant coach for baseball, running an archery ministry for youth at the church, and cub scouts.  He determined that he will have a life again when he is 49 years old :)  We are enjoying them immensely.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter 2012

Had to document how cute the kids looked in their Easter clothes.  JT was a big hit.  So thank you to whomever we inherited this outfit from.  Unfortunately I couldn't get a better picture of both children but JT is a pill when it comes to pictures these days.

Anna 3-6 months

Anna is now six months old.  She loves to smile at people and giggle.  She Loves jumping in her jumper and as you can see will jump herself to sleep.  We have started attempting to eat food and the jury is still out if she likes it or not.  She is growing at mock speeds which translates into eating a lot during the night.  She is trying to figure out how to get her knees underneath her to get moving.  She is presious and her brother thinks she is "cute".  We have no teeth even though there is a lot of knawing on things and slobber.  We are currently practicing the whole sitting up thing but her toes are much more enticing to chew on  rather than stay sitting up.